ElfStorage (1TB)

$0.20 / day

SKU: elfstoragetb

ElfStorage is storage local to our infrastructure, provided by a basic Ceph cluster, built from spinning rust (HDDs). It’s cheap and extensible, but it’s intended for long-term high-capacity storage, not high I/O.

Subscribe to this product to extend your free 100Gb /storage/elfstorage volume by 1TB. If you need more than 1TB, just buy more than one of these. If you need to extend your storage later, remove this product from your subscription and re-subscribe with an increased quantity (because the store won’t let you subscribe to it “twice”)

⚠️ WARNING : While storage expansion is easy and transparent, we can’t shrink your storage without destroying and recreating it (create a support request if you need to effect this).