Stremio Server [via Mullvad]

$0.30 / day with a 7-day free trial

This product will deploy an instance of Stremio Server (for transcoding and proxying) secured with your own Mullvad VPN credentials – see instructions re obtaining your wireguard private key.

Because your stremio server will be publicly accessible (there’s no way to do auth, currently), you need to enter a secret string which will be added to your URL, to further secure it from abuse.

Note that it’s not necessary to base64-encode your key, you can paste it in directly as obtained from the Mullvad config file.

Note too that this is simply a hosted instance of the public Stremio Server, exactly as distributed by Stremio themselves, and subject to the same terms and conditions as any other Stremio installations.

Ensure this ends in a /32!

A secret string to help secure your (publicaly accessible) instance. Must be lower-case.

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