Stremio Server [via Wireguard]

$0.30 / day with a 7-day free trial

This product will deploy an instance of Stremio Server (for transcoding and proxying) secured with your own, existing, WireGuard VPN, whose details you supply – see here for details.

Because your stremio server will be publicly accessible (there’s no way to do auth, currrently), you need to enter a secret string which will be added to your URL, to further secure it from abuse.

Note that this is simply a hosted instance of the public Stremio Server, exactly as distributed by Stremio themselves, and subject to the same terms and conditions as any other Stremio installations.

The server endpoint IP address

Set to 51820 if you’re not sure

Your IP network interface address in the format xx.xx.xx.xx/xx

Your 32 bytes private key in base64 format

The server 32 bytes public key in base64 format

Your 32 bytes pre-shared key in base64 format. This is often optional and can be left unset

A secret string to help secure your (publicaly accessible) instance. Must be lower-case.

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